Unprecedented Visibility & Control. All Assets. Wherever They Are.

Infinipoint is a cloud-based, automated platform that enables you to obtain an accurate assessment of your IT assets and risk posture.  Infinipoint uses cutting-edge technology to make real-time visibility and control across tens of thousands of IT assets a reality for enterprises of all sizes and eliminates configuration risks and vulnerabilities within seconds.


Managing Asset Security is an Interactive, Continuous Process

Infinipont powers an iterative and continuous process for managing assets and improving their security posture in dynamic IT environments.

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Asset Discovery & Management

Continuous, realtime discovery and management of thousands of assets, including traditional endpoints, VMs, IoT, and cloud workloads; both on-premise and off-premise. Always accurate, for a complex, changing environment. 

Vulnerability & Risk Management

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities through context-based assessments that include threat intelligence and network visibility. Identify and prioritize configuration risks such as : user access, OS configuration, hardening, hardware & removable devices and unused software.

Interactive Investigation & Remediation

Query thousands of assets to make real-time changes and assess impact. Remediate issues via patch or configuration, gradually or at once. Validate remediation on the spot. Troubleshoot issues immediately.

Policy Enforcement

Ensure compliance with enterprise security policy and industry best practices   on- and off-premise. Enforce security posture before connecting remotely from unsecure locations.

Instant Time to Value

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Cloud-Managed Service

Built for Speed & Scale

Infinipoint’s proprietary technology features a unique distributed and decentralized architecture, built for unprecedented speed and scale.

Peer-to-Peer Communication – Reduces the load,  enabling real-time query across hundreds of thousands of endpoints. Send commands, change state and troubleshoot – all within seconds.

Client & Clientless Connectivity – Enables rapid self-deployment, management of all types of  network infrastructure, and continuous discovery of ever-changing environments.

Cloud-Managed Service – Combines security, scale, and low TCO for organizations of all sizes. On-premises server deployment is available.


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