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Distributed Workforce

Ensure your assets are secure and productive, no matter the location. Query and control assets on- and off-premise. Proactively mitigate configuration problems and investigate productivity issues in real time. Remediate configuration risks at scale.

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Branch Management

Discover, manage and remediate risks for IT assets in branches globally, including IoT and unmanaged devices. Continuously scan the network. Detect, classify and manage new connected devices. Check and update device configurations. Query any number of devices in seconds and access any device remotely for diagnostics or remediation.

Endpoint Posture Verification

Maintain an up-to date picture of your asset security posture in real time. Continuously enforce compliance with enterprise policy, prior to granting access to the cloud and enterprise networks over VPN or ZTNA.

Security & IT Hygiene
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Ensure your assets are up to date with compliance standards. Identify and report on gaps between current posture and best practices in the CIS benchmark. Audit endpoint activity and index files on the endpoint to support GDPR.

Hybrid Cloud

Discover, manage and secure IT assets across multiple cloud providers as well as private  data centers. Support organizations in maintaining both on-premise and cloud servers for cloud migration.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Centrally manage the entire IT estate across companies and streamline infrastructure consolidation. Gain an accurate, granular picture of acquired IT assets and continuously implement security best practices.


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