Ensuring the productivity & security of your endpoints while working from home

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While remote work has certainly ramped up dramatically in recent days, the current situation only underlines the fact that the topology of our work environment has shifted and that many people are using their organization’s devices in non-secure locations off premise – at home, airports, cafes and other public areas. Working  from afar, often depending on non-secure connections and VPN makes your endpoints the easiest part of your infrastructure for hackers to exploit. Just as important, devices that are not updated and configured regularly may prevent your employees from getting their work done.

If you don’t take measures to ensure the productivity and security of all of your endpoints, all the time, it can have a very real impact on business continuity. In general, and today more than ever, you cannot afford to stop managing your assets just because they are off-premise.

In order to maintain the resiliency of your IT assets and ensure they will not be compromised, it is essential to maintain proper cyber hygiene. Infinipoint enables organizations to maintain cyber hygiene through an iterative process of ongoing asset discovery & management, continuous risk assessment, real-time investigation, and automated remediation.

There are many first-generation tools for asset management, but the challenge with these platforms is that they rely on network scanners that have limited ability to handle devices off premise and non-traditional endpoints like IoT, cloud workloads, and even Mac or Linux. Conventional vulnerability & risk management solutions require that devices are on-premise or use an agent that is often ineffective. With today’s dynamic IT landscape, your IT security and operations solutions need to adapt as well – a cloud-based solution for cyber hygiene is essential so you can manage remote endpoints anytime, anywhere.  

Infinipoint is committed to helping your organization maintain its business continuity by delivering a cloud-based platform that provides unprecedented visibility and control as well as risk remediation anywhere, anytime. It both mitigates risks and vulnerabilities and works to improve the overall productivity of your assets. Client-based solutions are essential in distributed environments – network scanners are no longer up to the task.

With Infinipoint’s real-time visibility and control of thousands of assets at a time:

  • Query and control endpoints at scale when off-premise as well as on-premise
  • Proactively mitigate configuration problems that prevent the ability to effectively work from home. Run scripts in real-time to investigate or update.
  • Run pre-set queries to investigate potential productivity issues in real-time across your laptops
  • Remediate configuration risks immediately, regardless of how many devices are off-premise
  • Check the status and compliance of the device off-premise, continuously ensuring the employee asset is always compliant anywhere, anytime (“comply to connect” concept).

For more information on how your enterprise can maintain its business continuity by ensuring the productivity and security of assets – off or on-premise, contact us at info@infinipoint.io.

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