Access that flows with confidence

Passwordless done right with zero device trust

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Single sign-on for workforce access

Log in to a state of flow

Secure access
with a flowing user experience

Security shouldn’t hold work back.
Verify workforce and 3rd party contractors without passwords and verify device access and compliance, from login to logout, and for every second in between –
so that work flows like it should.

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Zero Trust Workforce Access Platform

User and Device Authentication combined with Zero Device Trust

Phishing-resistant Passwordless Authentication

Set passwordless or MFA user authentication policies that integrate easily with your tech stack. Including your IdP, VPN, and other third party apps.

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We Don’t Trust Devices.

Neither should you.

Users alone don't access your systems.
Users and devices do.


User Authentication

User & Device icon THE INFINIPOINT WAY

User & Device Authentication
with Zero Device Trust

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Legacy VS infinpointAuthentication

Wasting time on

Authenticating users with passwords is a waste of your workforce and IT’s time as they are easily guessable and obtainable and are not worth the hassle.

Eliminate password risk and hassle with Passwordless

Use strong possession and biometric factors to eliminate your password attack surface, save wasted time, and provide a slick user experience.

Access from any device

Asserting user identity is nice, but if devices aren’t authenticated passwords and 2FA are prone to phishing and MFA fatigue attacks, leading to account takeovers. 

Controlled device access

User and device authentication is truly phishing-resistant, and dramatically reduces your attack surface as only approved devices that are pinned to approved users can access your resources.

Assumed device posture

When device posture isn’t verified on access, you end up hoping devices are secured and compliant.

Not really zero trust, is it?

Zero Device Trust

Device posture is enforced at any login request, and for all users, all the time – in line with any security and compliance policies you want to use.

Work gets blocked

Endpoint solutions aren’t designed to enforce compliance at the point of access, making it impossible to integrate them without blocking users and frustrating IT teams.

Work flows like it should

No trade-off between access and security. With a native solution to access and devices and with remediation abilities, access is secured and work continues to flow.

John Kindervag

Asserting digital identities must be holistic – including not just users but also their devices. Infinipoint’s solution is real Zero Trust, the way I had envisioned it. Because it combines full identity authentication with device zero trust.

John Kindervag | Zero Trust Creator
Nir Yizhak

Infinipoint gives me confidence. I can now make sure employees run the right OS version, enforce updates, and anything else we need them to do to improve security. And the result speaks for itself: as a result of using Infinipoint, our vulnerabilities went down 50%.

Nir Yizhak, Chief Security Officer
Alon Bar

As a cyber company it is very important for us to have secured device access to our resources and block devices that are not authorized to log in to our network. With Infinipoint we know exactly which user is requesting access, from which specific device, and can verify the device posture is updated with the latest security policy.

Alon Bar, VP , infrastructure engineering & global CISO
Dikla Saad Ramot

The true power of Infinipoint lays in the user experience. it allows for self service and one click remediation that give more options than just blocking users, or allowing access with compromised security.

Dikla Saad Ramot, Chief Security Officer
Sean Turner

Knowing who is requesting access is not enough. I only want to allow access to those who have a device that is up-to-date. Infinipoint solves this for us. It not only lets us install and enforce endpoint protection that runs continuously, it also gives us deep visibility into device health for all users.

Sean Turner, CISO at Twinstake
Kobi Afuta

We were using a handful of different MDM solutions with integration to access. But they were very manual, didn’t give us enough coverage, and there was no automatic device posture nor continuous monitoring. Now, Infinipoint lets me automate security updates and their enforcement in line with our policies, significantly reducing our exposure to device risks.

Kobi Afuta, Chief Security Officer
compliance icon

user authentication

Stop stolen passwords and user credentials from being vulnerable with passwordless authentication.

Minimize device
attack surface

Define granular device based access controls so only approved and authenticated devices gain access.

Set granular device
posture policies

Use best practices or design custom policies of your own for your users, tech stack, and security requirements.

Monitor any user
& device on login

Admin console for real-time control of access activity & device posture of managed & personal devices.


Make access to your resources and SaaS apps controlled and conditional with a single enforcement gate.

made easy

Infinipoint plays nice with your tech stack: IdP, SASE, ZTNA, VPN, and any other third-party apps you use.


Block account

Not Access.