Discover, Manage & Secure All IT Assets in Real Time
Cyber security starts with an accurate inventory of every IT asset and an up-to-date risk assessment.
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A comprehensive device identity & security posture solution, part of the Single-Sign-On authentication.
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Continuously Assess & Improve Asset Security Posture

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Infinipoint’s next-generation asset management platform discovers all your assets and enables you to query and update them all in real time.

As the IT environment grows increasingly complex, assets are everywhere: in the data center, head office, branches, and at home. There are more kinds of endpoints, workloads, IoT devices and software components than ever before. At the same time, the risk posture of each asset changes according to where, when and by whom it’s used and access security is at great risk.

Infinipoint leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a complete solution for visibility and control across thousands of IT assets for organizations of all sizes, instantly.

A Unified Cloud-Based Solution

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