Zero Trust Workforce Access Platform

The complete secure access
solution for your workforce

Avoid account takeovers and weak posture attacks with complete identity authentication and Zero Device Trust.

Complete Identity Authentication

Zero Device Trust


Complete Identity Authentication

By combining user and device-based authentication, verify the complete identity of every access request. And prevent unknown domains and unknown devices from getting in.

Zero Device Trust

Verify every device with Zero Device Trust. Adding granular device posture policies and enforcing them on access to prevent weak device posture and stop account takeovers. Without stopping work from flowing.

Our Offering

Complete Identity Zero Trust Identity
User Authentication
Passwordless Authentication
Multi Factor Authentication
Device based Authentication
Device Classification
User-Device Ownership
User Pinning to Devices
User Identities Inventory
Device Identities Inventory
Device Verification
100+ Compliance Checks
OS Configurations
Agents' Verification
OS Updates
3rd-party Apps Updates
Continuous Posture Signaling
Remediation Toolbox
1-Click Remediation
Automatic Remediation
Guided Remediation
Granular Tracking & Reports
Single-Sign-On Login
User Management
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Featured Capabilities
MFA fatigue resistant
Controlled Device Access
Weak Device Posture Verification
Cross Platform Support
(Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS & Android)
Nir Yizhak

Infinipoint gives me confidence. I can now make sure employees run the right OS version, enforce updates, and anything else we need them to do to improve security. And the result speaks for itself: as a result of using Infinipoint, our vulnerabilities went down 50%.

Nir Yizhak, Chief Security Officer
Alon Bar

As a cyber company it is very important for us to have secured device access to our resources and block devices that are not authorized to log in to our network. With Infinipoint we know exactly which user is requesting access, from which specific device, and can verify the device posture is updated with the latest security policy.

Alon Bar, VP, infrastructure engineering & global CISO
Dikla Saad Ramot

The true power of Infinipoint lays in the user experience. it allows for self service and one click remediation that give more options than just blocking users, or allowing access with compromised security.

Dikla Saad Ramot, Chief Security Officer


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