Automating Best Practices for Cyber Hygiene in Dynamic IT Environments

Asset Discovery & Management

Infinipoint allows you to discover and manage all devices in your organization, from endpoints and servers to IoT, Mobile and cloud workloads. With Infinipoint, you can map and visualize the network topology, receive up-to-date inventory of hardware, software and users. You can access any device remotely for diagnostics or remediation and identify and remove unused software.

Asset Discovery & Management

Configuration Risk Management

Infinipoint allows you to understand configuration risks in-depth through context-based assessments.  It enables you to query thousands of assets in seconds, identify and prioritize configuration errors, and deploy and validate configuration changes on any number of devices, instantly.

Vulnerability Management

Automatically identify and prioritize vulnerabilities with clear, simple, shareable reports. Accurately assess risk based on the network context. Visualize IT security risk across a dynamic risk graph. Remediate through patches and configuration, remote access, and router and firewall policy updates.

Vulnerability Management


Ensure your organization is up-to-date with compliance standards. Identify and report on gaps between current posture and best practices in the CIS benchmark. Report on compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI DSS. Audit endpoint activity and index files on the endpoint to support GDPR.

IoT Management

Infinipoint extends beyond conventional endpoints to support all IoT devices. Continuously scan the network. Detect, classify and manage new devices that are connected to the network. Check and update device configurations. Query any number of IoT devices in seconds and access any device remotely for diagnostics or remediation


Cloud Management

Infinipoint’s platform capabilities extend to all types of cloud workloads in all types of cloud infrastructures and providers. Discover and manage all cloud assets, maintain IT Security Hygiene and assess and manage vulnerabilities. Check compliance with applicable regulatory standards.


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