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With a goal of increasing efficiency of IT and Security teams, Infinipoint takes the security of your data very seriously and employs policies and procedures to keep our platform, products and everyone’s data safe and secure. Infinipoint understands the importance of providing a secure platform that our customers can trust.





Infinipoint complies with the requirements of applicable law, and continuously updates its compliance measures with changes in the law. Infinipoint complies with the following industry standards:





Transparency & Availability


Infinipoint offers full visibility into how, where and by whom your data is being used. Furthermore, as a customer, you will always have access to your data when you need it.





Using Infinipoint’s platform means that we will gain access to a significant amount of your data. We are committed to using your data solely within the limits of your expectations, and in doing so, adhere to a strict privacy policy.



Plaftorm Security


Infinipoint’s platform regularly undergoes security testing, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing to ensure it adheres to security best practices. Furthermore, Infinipoint runs on Google’s Kubernetes Engine and is hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform, and therefore employs Google’s trust principles to ensure your data is in good hands. For more on Google’s security practices, click here.



Internal Security


Infinipoint goes to great lengths to ensure that our organization keeps your data safe, secure and accessible. These processes apply to all levels of the organization, including providing limited and only necessary access of your data to our employees, that our networks and endpoints are secure and encrypted, and by ensuring our employees undergo security training.




Not Access.