Device Identity as a Service

Today’s Cyber Challenge

Today, most of the workforce is working from everywhere accessing remote services. While the user is authenticated, the network is encrypted, the SaaS application is secured, but the device security is overlooked. Hence, the device is becoming the weakest link in the organization’s IT security. It’s no use authenticating users if they’re on a vulnerable device, and allowing them unsanctioned access to your sensitive data & services.

infinipoint remote asset management

Addressing the challenge

DIaaS – Device-Identity-as-a-Service offering, is a comprehensive device identity & posture solution, part of the SSO Single-Sign-On authentication. It acts as one enforcement point for every enterprise service. Enabling controlled access based on user-device-service, applying real-world based risk intelligence to enforce static and dynamic policies. It offers a cloud-based self-service, including device security status and one click remediation.

Our solution provides the missing “device piece” of the zero-trust security model, as guided by Gartner, NIST and Google (the inventors of BeyondCorp zero-trust) internal best practice. Our platform delivers true business outcomes by protecting access to your organization’s data & services while transforming your endpoints into a world-class security posture which prevents real-world breaches

Supporting every identity provider and business service

Infinpoint zero trust solutions

vs. Status Quo

  • Unified SSO technology
  • Access Security deeply integrated with IT Security Asset Management
  • Static and dynamic real-world risk based policies
  • Self-service end-user portal
  • Admin console for real-time visibility and control


  • Deliver ongoing security posture outcomes based on Infinipoint DIaaS offering
  • Enable a risk-managed process for the organization to adopt to the evolving working format by real time discovery, management and remediation of threats to business operations
  • Improve productivity, optimizing security management through process and automation, including end user one click remediation
  • Requires no upfront investment
  • Predictable OPEX model expenses

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